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Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle

Personal weapon
Atzkav - Flat with Ammo x 3.jpg
Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle
ManufacturerLightning Bolt Co. (LBOC)
TypeSniper Rifle
UEC Cost4680 aUEC
Range150+ m
Ammo Count5
Damage TypeElectron
Rate30 rpm
ImplementedYes (3.10)

Lightning Bolt Co.'s Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle is a electrically powered sniper rifle released with Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0. [1]

"The Atzkav is a unique precision sniper rifle from Lightning Bolt Co. Once the charging handle is engaged, it accurately fires a charged electron to deal significant energy damage that spreads to nearby conductive targets. This special pulse effect also leaves a residual strike area that increases damage delivered by subsequent electron shots. Alongside the rifle's special firing capabilities, the Atzkav is best known for its distinct barrel that crackles with energy powering its next shot."
In-game description



The exclusive "Deadeye" edition has a matte black finish with colorful gold highlights. This was a part of the July's 2020 Imperator-level subscriber flair.

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.10.

Location Store Price (aUEC) Editions
GrimHex Skutters 4680 Default



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