Lightning Bolt Co.

Human company in the weapons manufacturing industry
Lightning Bolt Co.
IndustryWeapons manufacturing
Manufacturer codeLBCO
HeadquartersOdyssa, Magnus
FounderIrina Arkadova
Founded2921 CE; 33 years ago (2921)

Lightning Bolt Co. is a personal weapon manufacturer that was founded by Irina Arkadova, the CEO of a private military company. It is focused on the manufacture of energy weapons for security personnel.[1][2]


Arkadova decided to start producing energy weapons after a failure in her laser rifle left her unarmed in the middle of an intense firefight. She was helped by the technical expertise of Biagio Bhandari, a former Drake Interplanetary engineer and the capital of fellow contractors. Arkadova used her field expertise and that of fellow mercenaries to devise weapons focused for security operators. The Mayak electron cannon and the Atzkav sniper rifle were Lightning Bolt's first successful products.[1]


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