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The Aurora is the modern-day descendant of the Roberts Space Industries X-7 spacecraft which tested the very first jump engines. Utilitarian to a T, the Aurora is the perfect beginner's ship: what it lacks in style it makes up for in ample room for upgrade modules.[1]


Series Variants

Aurora CL

Aurora CL in black room - Isometric.png
The cargo-focused variant that trades power capacity for increased cargo capacity.

Aurora ES

Aurora ES in black room - Isometric.png
The entry-level variant of the Aurora line.

Aurora LN

Aurora LN in black room - Isometric.png
The premier combat ship of the Aurora line, with increased shield capacity and additional hardpoints compared to the other variants.

Aurora LX

Aurora LX in black room - Isometric Front.jpg
A limited-edition luxury variant with an upgraded interior and high-performance components.

Aurora MR

Aurora MR - Current-MR 01.jpg
The most common variant of the Aurora series, it blends combat capability and cargo capacity for a mid-range price.


The following paints (skins) can be used on all variants of the Aurora.

Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
Aurora - Light & Dark Grey.jpg
"Light & Dark Grey" A two-tone grey colour scheme. 25,000 3.00
Aurora - Green & Gold.jpg
"Green & Gold" A green and gold colour scheme 23,500 3.00
Aurora - ILW 2950 Blue & Gold.jpg
"ILW 2950 Blue & Gold.jpg" Limited edition Blue & Gold colour scheme for the ILW 2950 event n/a (tba)

The following are older paints (skins) that were once available, but currently are not usable in-game.

Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
Aurora series - Operation Pitchfork Skin.png
"Operation Pitchfork" Strike fear into the heart of the Vanduul with this Operation Pitchfork livery commemorating the brave pilots who have dedicated their lives to defeating this deadly foe. n/a 5.00
Aurora series - Pirate Skin.png
"Pirate" Boldly show your true colors with the grinning countenance of the Jolly Roger, letting all know that you do as you please, and are pretty pleased with what you do. Formerly named the "Dread Pirate Skin" & originally as the “Blackbeard Stealth” skin. n/a 5.00
Aurora series - SXSW 2015 Skin - Original.jpg
"SXSW 2015" Commemorate Star Citizen’s SXSW 2015 event. n/a 5.00
Aurora series - UEE Navy Skin.png
"UEE Navy" Your love of the Empire will be clear to all when you emblazon your ship in this patriotic livery, inspiring honor and dedication in those you fly with. Formerly named the "UEE Distinguished Service Skin" & originally as the “Military” skin. n/a 5.00
"You Got Our Backs" The Electro Skin Hull Enhancement for existing Roberts Space Industries ship owners. Can switch hull appearance at a flick of a switch. Includes special skin to show that you’ve backed twice. n/a 5.00

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