Bacchus II

Ocean Planet in the Bacchus system
Bacchus II.png
Bacchus II
ClassificationOcean Planet
AffiliationBanu Protectorate
LocationBanu space
Bacchus system
└─ Orbiting Bacchus A & B

Bacchus II is an ocean planet with thousands of populated islands and archipelagos featuring a wide variety of climates and biodiversity. Some in the UEE theorize that Bacchus II is the Banu home-world, which is not confirmed by the Banu. The planet hosts the Gathering, an event where Banu congregate to make species-wide decisions.

"Skip between the thousands of archipelagos and islands across this vast ocean world to experience what many consider the quintessential Banu world."
UEE Diplomatic Corps: A Guide to Visiting the Banu Protectorate [1]


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