Banshee (star)

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ClassificationBlue-White Neutron Star (Pulsar)
LocationBanshee System
Natural Satellites4

A Blue-White Neutron Star, often called a Pulsar. Banshee emits enough radiation to make the system’s green zone planetary surfaces inhospitable. Many commonplace activities, like EVAing outside of a ship to perform repairs, can be deadly.

Banshee’s pulsar is a rapidly rotating blue-white neutron star. Though there are many pulsars in the universe, Banshee’s is the only one discovered so far with jump points connected to it. This fact has led some scientists to hypothesize that the jump points’ proximity to a pulsar could eventually lead to their collapse and cut off the system from the wider universe. This fear permeates popular culture, despite the fact that the 2943 discovery of the Banshee-Tamsa jump has made the system one of the most connected in the UEE; only Terra and Hadrian are currently linked to more systems.