Big Benny's

Kacho brand owned by Terra Mills

Big Benny's is a brand of kacho to go, a ramen-like combination of noodles and broth that was heavily spiced to combat the taste bud numbing that occurs with long exposure to pressurized environments. It is owned by Terra Mills. Its product is popular across UEE space, and Big Benny's vending machines can be found at almost all space stations and major landing zones.[1]



The founder of Big Benny’s, Benicio Lewis, Jr., grown up on a fringe transfer station in Corel System eating his father’s homemade kacho. Years later when living on Lo, he made kacho for his friends, and the word of mouth encourage him to open up small stall at a commercial spaceport. He named his stall Big Benny’s in honor of his father. With its cheap and satisfying fare, the stand was crowded all the time.

Since then, Lewis quickly opened new franchises and he was approached by Terra Mills with an offer to introduce his kacho from Lo to the rest of the universe. Despite protests from the franchise’s loyal fans, Lewis was happy to sell, explaining, "My dad would have loved to know that people across the ’verse can have something good to eat when they need it. Plus, he loved making money." Today, Big Benny’s stalls and vending units can be found everywhere people are looking to stretch their credits and eat a warm meal.[1]


An artist residing on GrimHEX stole many Big Benny's vending machines from around the Crusader sector to create a monument protesting the commercialization of art and commodification of humanity. The artist was killed during the piece's final phase of construction.


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