Big Benny's T-shirt

Shirt manufactured by Escar Limited
Big Benny's T-shirt
ManufacturerEscar Limited (ELD)
Production stateImplemented

Big Benny's T-shirt is a shirt made by Escar Limited, and was obtained by Subscribers in December 2019. It is still available for purchase in the Subscriber Store in a pack with two other shirts.[1]

Product description

"This Big Benny's shirt embodies the joy of dining on their delicious kacho with an animated image that rotates between two versions of the brand's iconic logo. Wearing it is bound to remind everyone to grab and eat this tasty treat."


  • This shirt is one of the few, and most likely the first clothing item that has an animated print on it. In the game, the benny's logo continuously swaps between two shapes. This phenomena was later named Vid fabric.

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