Human phenomenon to actively seek Vanduul

Blading refers to a phenomenon of human individuals actively seeking contact and encounter with Vanduul ships.[1]


The term 'blading' is a reference to the Vanduul culture. All Vanduul have a blade, which is their possession. Receiving a blade is a 'rite of passage' for young Vanduul after they became 'adult' joining a horde or clan.

Encountering a danger (in the form of a Vanduul)is figuratively for earning a 'blade' for himself.


Blading seems to be popular under young and even minor humans on the Vanduul border regions. Vanduul are known for their extreme hostility against humans, making them a goal for such a trial of courage. Since Vanduul don't take prisoners, such a behavior is dangerous.


In an open letter, Calesta Kiang, mother of boy, who died due to blading accused the media (vids like the The Flight of 42 or Burning Skies, also the Arena Commander simulation) of portraying Vanduul as easy targets: '[Vanduul]...are being presented as easily defeated villainous caricatures of themselves, instead of the reality, which is that they are vicious creatures who will kill without a second though.'


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