Blue Bilva

Natural commodity
Consumable Fruit - Blue Bilva.jpg
Blue Bilva
Occupancy750 mSCU
Base price5 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
BuffHydrating (30 mins), Energizing (30 mins)
Respawn time60 mins

The Blue Bilva (also known as bluebee) is a fruit which originated on Reisse. It is known for its distinctive rich flavor: highly astringent, aromatic, and very high in fructose. The fruit can also be identified by its slightly pointed, ovoid shape, and dark blue to indigo skin. The fibrous flesh of the bilva clings firmly to its large stone, which is so hard that it can only be cracked through mechanical means. It takes about eleven months to ripen on the tree. It is commonly eaten dried or turned into brandy known as B3.[1] Some artisans on Reisse use powered tools to carve the stone into intricate sculptures that they sell to new students for good luck.[2]


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