Calico Core

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Calico Core.png
Calico Core
Manufacturer Kastak Arms (KSAR)
Armor Set Calico
Class Light Armor
Type Core
UEC Cost 1780
Armor 20% Reduction

Designed to be an EVA-compliant light combat suit, the Calico set is the perfect armor suit for infiltrators, snipers, thieves, basically anyone who likes to avoid kicking in doors. Built out of a combination of PAB-3 armor and a custom helmet, it can help you weather some incoming fire without slowing you down.

Calico Core is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Cordry's, Levski 1780 Tan
Skutters, GrimHEX 1780 Black

Armor Set Helmet Core Arms Legs Undersuit
CalicoSet.pngCalico x100pxCalico x100pxCalico x100pxCalico x100pxCalico x100pxCalico Calico Helmet Calico Core Calico Arms Calico Legs Stoneskin Undersuit