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Name Size Manufacturer Class Grade
Baas M WLOP Civilian C
Baier S WLOP Civilian C
CSM-RP M BEHR Military C
CSM-TL M BEHR Military B
CSR-RP S BEHR Military C
CSR-TL S BEHR Military B
CSV-RP V BEHR Military C
CSV-TL V BEHR Military B
Chamfer V WLOP Civilian B
Chrome M SADA Industrial B
CompuWare M FSIN Civilian C
Crypt S BLTR Stealth A
Cypher S BLTR Stealth B
Dado M WLOP Civilian D
DynaSys S MITE Civilian C
Ferric S SADA Industrial C
Inox M SADA Industrial C
Lamarr S BRRA Competition C
Lattice V WLOP Civilian C
Mitre S WLOP Civilian B
Pascal S BRRA Competition B
Wolfram S SADA Industrial B


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