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Weapon Manufacturer Size Type UEC Cost (aUEC) Ammo Count Damage Type
Animus Missile Launcher Apocalypse Arms Launcher
Arclight Energy Pistol Klaus & Werner 1 Pistol 817 30 Energy
Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Klaus & Werner 3 Sniper Rifle 5398 40 Energy
BR-2 Ballistic Shotgun Behring Shotgun 6 Ballistic
CR-7 Cluster Grenade Behring Grenade
Coda Ballistic Pistol Kastak Arms 1 Pistol 729 6 Ballistic
Crossbow Iolo Industries Ballistic
Custodian SMG Kastak Arms 2 SMG 2634 60 Energy
DS-12 Gravity Grenade Behring Grenade
Dawnfire Signal Flare Unknown Manufacturer 1
Demeco Energy LMG Klaus & Werner 4 LMG 3560 100 Energy
Devastator Energy Shotgun Kastak Arms 3 Shotgun 1733 20 Energy
EP-S EMP Grenade Behring Grenade
F55 Ballistic LMG Gemini 4 LMG 2855 150 Ballistic
FS-9H Ballistic HMG Behring HMG 80 Ballistic
FS-9 Ballistic LMG Behring LMG 120 Ballistic
FSK-8 Combat Knife UltiFlex Melee Melee
Firestorm Energy Weapon Kastak Arms Cannon 50 Energy
GP-33 Grenade Launcher Behring Launcher
Gallant Energy Rifle Klaus & Werner 2 Assault Rifle 4650 60 Energy
HP-284 Rocket Launcher Behring Launcher 2 Explosion
HP21I Thunder Burst Cannon Behring Cannon Ballistic
I'rhal Rocket Launcher Torral Aggregate Launcher 3x10
Kahix Rocket Launcher Torral Aggregate Launcher 1
Karna Plasma Rifle Kastak Arms 3 Assault Rifle 4700 30 Energy
LH86 Ballistic Pistol Gemini 1 Pistol 650 13 Ballistic
LIDAR Grenade Behring Grenade
Lumin V SMG Klaus & Werner 2 SMG 2755 45 Laser
MK-4 Frag Grenade Behring Grenade 82 Ballistic
P4-AR Ballistic Rifle Behring 2 Assault Rifle 30 Ballistic
P4-CQB Ballistic Rifle Behring Assault Rifle Ballistic
P6-LR Ballistic Sniper Rifle Behring Sniper Rifle 8 Ballistic
P8-AR Ballistic Rifle Behring Assault Rifle 30 Ballistic
P8-DMR Ballistic DMR Behring DMR Ballistic
P8-LMG Ballistic LMG Behring LMG Ballistic
P8-P Ballistic Pistol Behring 1 Pistol Ballistic
P8-SC Ballistic SMG Behring 2 SMG 2204 45 Ballistic
P8-SG Ballistic Shotgun Behring Shotgun Ballistic
P8-SR Ballistic Sniper Rifle Behring Sniper Rifle Ballistic
PK1 Sweeper Behring Gadget
PM-3 Incendiary Grenade Behring Grenade
Plasma Lance Vanduul Clans Melee Energy / Melee
R97 Ballistic Shotgun Gemini 3 Shotgun 1247 10 Ballistic
Radar Net Grenade Behring Grenade
Ravager-212 Twin Shotgun Kastak Arms 3 Shotgun 1710 16 Energy
S38 Ballistic Pistol Behring 1 Pistol 15 Ballistic
S71 Assault Rifle Gemini 3 Assault Rifle 3981 30 Ballistic
Salvo Frag Pistol Hedeby Gunworks 1 Pistol Ballistic
Scalpel Ballistic Sniper Rifle Kastak Arms 3 Sniper Rifle 3884 8 Ballistic
Scourge Railgun Apocalypse Arms 5 Railgun 6105 10 Ballistic

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