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Name Owner Affiliation System Orbits Classification Habitable
Archangel Station UEE UEE Synthworld Project Facility
Naval Base
Archon Base Shubin Interstellar UEE Odin (star) ? Mining Facility Yes
Bacchus Flotilla Banu Bacchus A and Bacchus B Flotilla Yes
Baijini Point Rest & Relax UEE
Stanton ArcCorp Trade Hub Yes
Banu Station The Council Banu Trise I Intermediary Station Yes
Belligerent Duck (starmap) Man-made Yes
Buloi Sataball Arena Banu Banu Yulin II Yes
Crusader Industries
Crusader Communications No
Covalex Hub Gundo Covalex UEE
Crusader Industries
Daymar Shipping Hub No
Cry-Astro (stanton) Cry-Astro UEE
Crusader Industries
Repair & Refuel No
Echo Eleven Outlaw Nexus (star) Civilian Yes
Encole Station UEE UEE Ellis VI Science Station
Research Station
Everus Harbor Rest & Relax UEE
Hurston Dynamics
Stanton Hurston Trade Hub Yes
GrimHEX Outlaw Outlaw Yela
  • Outlaw Station
  • Trading Hub
  • Housing Exchanges
Hephaestus Station UEE UEE Tangaroa Military Outpost
Training Facility
IAS Hammett UEE Terra III Yes
ICC ScanHub Stanton UEE UEE
Imperial Cartography Center
Crusader Research Station Yes
ICS Evolen UEE Terra III
IMS Bolliver UEE Ganymede Yes
INS Dunleavy UEE UEE Sol Naval Base Yes
INS Reilly UEE Terra IV Yes
JusticeStar Satellite UEE Kellog Yes
Kedsu Reef Kedsu Reef Hadrian (star) Flotilla Yes
Lyris Flotilla Banu Banu Nogo Flotilla
Trade Hub
Million Mile High Club Player characters Player characters Yes
OB Heller UEE Garron II Operations Hub
OB Kobold UEE UEE Etos Yes
OB Station Gryphon UEE UEE
UEE Army
Kallis (star) Yes
OB Station Pegasus UEE UEE Xis
OP Station Demien UEE UEE Nexus II Transfer Station Yes
Port Olisar Crusader Industries UEE
Crusader Industries
Stanton Crusader Trade Hub Yes
Port Tressler Rest & Relax UEE
Stanton MicroTech Trade Hub Yes
R&R ARC-L1 Rest & Relax UEE ArcCorp (planet) Rest Stop Yes
R&R CRU-L1 Rest & Relax UEE Crusader Rest Stop Yes
R&R CRU-L4 Rest & Relax UEE Crusader Rest Stop Yes
R&R CRU-L5 Rest & Relax UEE Crusader Rest Stop Yes
R&R HUR-L1 Rest & Relax UEE Hurston Rest Stop Yes
R&R HUR-L3 Rest & Relax UEE Hurston Rest Stop Yes
R&R HUR-L4 Rest & Relax UEE Hurston Rest Stop Yes
R&R HUR-L5 Rest & Relax UEE Hurston Rest Stop Yes
Ruin Station Xeno Threat (present)
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated (former)
Outlaw Pyro VI Outlaw Hub
Former Terraforming Base
Security Post Kareah Crusader Industries UEE
Crusader Industries
Cellin Security Yes
Spider Various/Unstable Pirate Cathcart (star) Yes
TDD Kesner UEE UEE Sol Shipping Hub Yes
The Ark (station) The Ark UEE Tayac I Information Repository
Diplomatic Station
Xenia Covalex UEE Baker Baker Shipping Hub Yes
Yogi Station UEE Military UEE Oso Military Observation Base Yes
Yulin Flotilla Banu Banu Yulin Yes