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The Origin X1 series are high-performance open-canopy ships. They are built in collaboration with famed astroengineer Alberto Vara and his company Infinity Customs.[1]


Series Variants


X1 Concept.jpg
The Origin X1 an open-canopy racer designed by Origin in collaboration with Alberto Vara and his company Infinity Customs. Built from lightweight polymers, the X1 takes speed and agility to the next level thanks to seamlessly integrated engine technology and joint vector thruster placement.[2]

X1 Force

X1 Concept Force.jpg
The Origin X1 Force a modified version of the base X1 model, featuring an additional shield generator slot.[3]

X1 Velocity

X1 Concept Velocity.jpg
The Origin X1 Velocity is the racing variant of the X1 open-canopy vehicle. It eliminates the S1 weapon mount and incorporates a lighter chassis built with Syntek composites to decrease overall ship weight.[4]


Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
X1 series - Scarlet Edition.jpg
"Scarlet Edition" Limited edition red & white livery. Sold with X1 concepts. n/a n/a

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