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Crafted through a collaborative effort with Infinity Customs and renowned astroengineering pioneer Alberto Vara, the X1 series embodies a remarkable progression of Origin Jumpworks' timeless design and the purpose of open-canopy vehicles. Immerse yourself in the seamless connection between pilot and craft, an extraordinary transformation made achievable through our unwavering commitment to achieving perfection. [1]


Series Variants


X1 firing weapon moving fast against blurred BG - Cut.png
Role: Touring It is an exquisite masterpiece, showcasing its elegance and agility. This open-canopy vehicle effortlessly combines beauty and functionality, making it a true work of art. Its sleek hull seamlessly incorporates thrusters, enhancing its maneuverability and performance. The X1 proudly upholds Origin's tradition of luxury perfection, embodying the perfect fusion of form and function.[2]

X1 Force

X1 Force firing weapon moving fast against blurred BG - Cut.png
Role: Combat The X1 Force ensures a secure and worry-free travel experience. With its enhanced defensive features, which includes shields, this innovative open-canopy vehicle is perfectly designed for various purposes such as ground-based exploration, reconnaissance expeditions, and security operations. [3]

X1 Velocity

X1 Velocity moving fast against blurred BG - Cut.png
Role: Racing The X1 Velocity, with its lightweight framework, boosts speed and performance. Its advanced materials and engineering techniques reduce weight without compromising strength. The streamlined design improves aerodynamics for unparalleled efficiency. Its precise handling and maneuverability make every turn thrilling. The X1 Velocity's sleek design and exceptional performance make it a standout in the open-canopy racer collection. Overall, its lighter framework enhances performance and elevates the racing experience. [4]


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