Charlotte Hussion

Character in Star Citizen
Charlotte Hussion
Race Human
Role CEO of Esperia Inc.
Primary Organization Esperia Inc.
Job Title CEO

Charlotte Hussion was the CEO of Esperia, and introduced the Blade (replica).

"The Vanduul War is not some distant threat, to paraphrase Admiral Bishop: it is at our door. Vega. Now Oberon. Who knows what system could be struck next? Citizens and civilians need to be able to protect themselves against the Vanduul, and they need to be able to do it now before it's too late. I am thrilled that Esperia has the ability to facilitate this important effort. These Blade light fighters are not only effective defensive tools, but more importantly, they are ready and available for purchase today."
Charlotte Hussion

"With every purchase, Blade owners are not only helping to protect themselves, they are helping to protect the brave starmen that are fighting for our way of life. Esperia may not have the resources of some of our competitors, but we have identified a very special situation where we can benefit the whole Empire… and give those Vanduul monsters a black eye or two in the process."
Charlotte Hussion

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