Church of the Journey

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The Church of the Journey is a "secular philosophy", celebrating the experiences gained over the destination. It was founded in the 29th Century by Vita Perry. The Church of the Journey claims to be not a religion and is not exclusionistic towards double memberships to other religious or faith groups.[1]


Missionaries are called Journeymen or Sojourner and often spend their time wandering throughout the systems in the pursuit of knowledge through experience.[2][3]

Journeymen following some core tenets:[4]

  • They not allowed to own a permanent residence.
  • They must never take what isn't offered.

Followers of the Church:

  • must go on a sabbatical twice a year
  • are encouraged to submit their travelogues to local Churches for others to read.

Traveler's Day (Holiday): Sundown on the first day of a new orbit (New Year's basically). Due the variety of orbital periods, it's different for every planet and not a single standardized day. It's a metaphorical celebration of the beginning of a new journey. The devout usually meet at a church or gathering place and go on a symbolic pilgrimage through the night to a new destination.[2]


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