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Citizens of the United Empire of Earth are chosen members of society, selected from Civilians. This is a status that has to be earned through active commitment to furthering the interests of the UEE. This can be achieved through distinguished military service, community service, or application. Convicted criminals are never allowed to become Citizens and the Citizenship can be revoked when a person displays a long history of activities aimed against the UEE.[1]

Officially, Civilian's background is not taken into account when a Citizenship application is reviewed but there are known cases when applicants with criminal family met resistance. On the other hand, as an anonymous public Solicitor has stated: "I wouldn't say that coming from a family of Citizens in good standing necessarily guarantees Citizenship. I've seen situations where it hasn't helped the candidate. They just take it into consideration and are more likely to overlook… less admirable… qualities."[2]


Writer's Guide provides the following list of perks for being a Citizen (the list is not final):[1]

  • allowed to own a Multi-System Corporation,
  • pursue political office (on a local or UEE level, i.e. Senator, Imperator),
  • vote for UEE issues (Senators, Referendums, etc.) & Local Elections/Legislation,
  • work for the UEE government (like the Advocacy),
  • easier to obtain UEE trade licenses to sell/buy from Xi'an or Banu,
  • Local Law Enforcement might let you skate on smaller crimes (unofficial perk),
  • They pay a slightly lower tax rate.

Among other perks are:

  • Eligibility to special promotions.[3]


  • Galactapedia: United Empire of Earth Citizen


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