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Civilian is the lowest status a person can have in the United Empire of Earth. At the age of seventeen SEY, civilians start paying taxes, are allowed to own property, and can vote in local elections and legislation as long as they are registered to a system. Most other forms of participation in the UEE Government structures require a Citizenship.[1] Civilians can still participate in local government structures. The highest political office a Civilian can hold is the Governor.[2]

Civilian versus Citizen

The general public are known as civilians (or Civs used with varying levels of derision). They are the salt of the earth, the workers and the masses. Everyone’s born a civilian, only the civically minded become Citizens. Civilians are still registered residents under the UEE. At the age of seventeen Standard Earth Years, they start paying taxes, can own property, and vote in local elections and legislation if they’re registered to a system. Citizens are chosen members of society.  This is a status that has to be earned. In short, you must show an active commitment to furthering the interests of the UEE, which can be done through distinguished military service, community service, or application (that’s the least successful by far). It’s not easy to become a Citizen. It’s not meant to be; the powerful hate sharing their power. As far as the perks for being a Citizen:

  • Allowed to own a Multi-System Corp
  • Pursue political office (on a local or UEE level)
  • Vote for UEE issues (Senators, Referendums, etc.) and Local Elections/Legislation
  • Work for the UEE government (like the Advocacy)
  • Easier to obtain UEE trade licenses to sell/buy from Xi’An or Banu
  • Local Law Enforcement might let you skate on smaller crimes (unofficial perk)
  • They pay a slightly lower tax rate

Convicted criminals are never allowed to become Citizens and a long history of behaviour deemed counter to the purposes and dictates of the UEE can cause your Citizenship to be revoked.

Life without citizenship

To many, it may sound like Citizenship is the only way to have a good life in the UEE. Ultimately, it depends on your priorities. There are things that absolutely require Citizenship to achieve (see above list). But if you want to live on the edge, make your living slugging cargo or exploring the depths of space on the fringe, there isn’t much that Citizenship can offer you.


  • Galactapedia: United Empire of Earth Civilian


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