Cloud City (clothing)

Shirt manufactured by Escar Limited
Cloud City
ManufacturerEscar Limited (ELD)
Base price540 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
Environment protection
Temperature2 / 33 °C

Cloud City is a souvenir t-shirt manufactured by Escar Limited.

In-game description

Due to its unique location, Orison is known as the city above the clouds. This shirt features the phrase and a truly unique view from one of its platforms.[1]


(All are available in-game only)

Image Name
Cloud City T-Shirt White.png
Cloud City T-Shirt White
Cloud City T-Shirt Black.png
Cloud City T-Shirt Black

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  1. Item description at Kel-To in Orison. Alpha 3.19.0 - Star Citizen. Retrieved 2023-05-10
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