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Cole : Nul III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Nul (star)
Landing Zones1

Cole is the third planet in the Nul System, a barely habitable terrestrial world located on the inner edge of the system’s green zone. While geologically similar to Earth, the nature of Nul’s star makes actually attempting life here an unpleasant prospect. An atmosphere composed primarily of ammonia and sulfur, coupled with the fact that liquids can only exist deep below the planet’s surface during the ‘hot season,’ means that environment suits and respirators are necessary at all times here.

And what do visitors get for their troubles? Very little. With the exception of a particular type of ultrafine crystal, used primarily by artists and clothing designers, there is nothing unique to be found here.[1]

Landing Zones


The world boasts a single landing zone, Char, developed from an abandoned environmental research facility. Note that Char is not technically aligned with the UEE, and has no rule of law per se. Note also that while Char is not affiliated with the sentient slave trade that frequently occurs in the system, it is home to a particularly harsh version of the black market. Char is a landing point for experienced traders only![1]