UEE holiday celebrating love
Coramor Hornet and Couple.jpg
Event typeUnited Empire of Earth holiday
LocationUnited Empire of Earth
DateFebruary 11, Annually (Annually-02-11)

Coramor is a holiday in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) held annually on February 11. It traces its origins to the story of Yuri Ilyin who lived his life searching for his lover Corazon Tan, after they became separated when the jump point to the Oretani system collapsed. The holiday received its name from the popular 25th century film Coramor.[1]


During the rapid expansion era of the 25th century, the Oretani system was discovered. One planet in the system was deemed viable for terraforming, the terraforming corporation that won the bid sent in a team to start the process when the only jump point into the system collapsed.[2]

The jump point collapse separated Yuri Ilyin from his lover, Corazon "Cora" Tan, who had been on the terraforming team sent to the Oretani system. Yuri dedicated the rest of his life searching for a way into the Oretani system. His efforts were chronicled in daily comms sent to Cora's parents.

In 2486 Yuri Ilyin sent his final comm which was mostly unintelligible except for "...anything for Cora... armor..." Yuri was never heard from again.

The story of Yuri and Cora was popularized in the late 25th century by a film titled Coramor.[1][3]


Today, Coramor traditions include the exchange of gifts and comms between lovers, travel to romantic destinations, and the sending of comms into space in hopes of attracting new love. Some celebrants will use the day to send comm messages to lost loved ones. The colors pink and black, the same as the livery of Yuri's ship in Coramor, are associated with the holiday.[3]


Release in the late 25th century, the film depicts fictionalized versions of Yuri Ilyin and Corazon Tan. The title of the film is a portmanteau derived from Yuri's famous final comm. The films highly romanticized ending see's Yuri discovering a previously unknown jump point into the Oretani system, however, while traversing it his ship is damaged and the nav data lost, the lovers are reunited but unable to return to the UEE.[1]



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