Corel I

Iron Planet in the Corel system
Corel I
ClassificationIron Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Corel system
└─ Orbiting Corel (star)

The first planet of the Corel system is little more than a flare-lashed iron core. Originally a rocky worldlet close to the system's sun, Corel I's crust and mantle were blasted away through a series of unknown impacts. The result was the exposure of the planet's iron core, which has since cooled to a solid state. No development has taken place on Corel I, as there are far easier to reach sources of simple iron in the known galaxy. The planet does make for an attractive picture, though, with a bizarre smooth landscape resulting from the metal having rapidly cooled into its current form when exposed to space.[1]


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