City on Xi in the Rihlah system
LocationRihlah system    On Xi
TypeLanding zone

Corilla is a smaller city on Xi surrounded by dense tropical rainforests. Open to outsiders, Corilla has become a de-facto trading post where interested Xi'an can interact with Human, Banu and Tevarin shipmasters.

Over the years, Corilla has become home to a distinct community of UEE ex-patriots and political refugees, who have begun to subtly merge their distinct Human culture amidst the city's standard Xi'an hab-world architecture. UEE law enforcement has no jurisdiction in Xi'an space, and so it has become a popular place to 'hide in plain sight.' (However, note that the Xi'an typically do not prosecute Human-on-Human crimes, making it an open port for more ruthless bounty hunters.)[1]

As the various species have mixed and mingled over the decades, a burgeoning food scene has emerged that specializes in a unique style of cooking — fusing traditional dishes with the fresh local ingredients that abound in the jungle. Dubbed Xi'nu cuisine by the locals, you'll experience flavor combinations that can't be found yet anywhere else as you dine in the Li'ong Night Market.[2]


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