Coriolus Initiative

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Coriolus Initiative
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Focus Piracy

Nescus used to be a hitter for the Coriolus Initiative,[1] a crime syndicate that participated in the 2944 Outlaw Armistice. He appears to still have ties with the organization.[2]

"From the way I hear it, once Coriolus Initiative pledged to the Armistice, everybody else fell in line pretty damn quick. The KGs, DiamondShots, and littleBacks have all given word. Wouldn't be surprised if the HCore and the Lusk Blunts followed suit next. Can you picture it? All those roughs running drills and scramblin' patrols. Nescus' pretty much got himself his own personal pirate army."
Jester, B0otyCall[2]


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