Terrestrial Rocky in the Croshaw system
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Angeli : Croshaw II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorYann Isher
LocationUEE space
Croshaw system
└─ Orbits Croshaw (star)
Landing Zones1
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Angeli's natural beauty is as much of a marvel today as it was when it was first discovered. The planet's biosphere is reminiscent of Earth's, featuring massive bodies of water and large expanses of land dotted by mountain ranges.

Angeli's natural beauty does not come without its dangers. Geologists continue to classify the planet as a severe seismic hazard. Strict engineering codes require buildings on the planet to have extremely thick foundations and tuned mass dampers to counteract earthquakes. Even if most of the native population is apathetic about the big one, most scientists believe it is not a question of if a large earthquake will happen, but when. Due to this seismic instability, mining is severely restricted on Angeli.

Connoisseurs of fine food and spirits consider Angeli a must-stop destination. The eclectic mix of Earth's cultures and classes during the planet's early days created a unique cuisine. Angeli's trademark dish is boumbo, a thick stew usually featuring either meat or seafood.

Considered a sign of true luxury, Angeli produces some of the 'verse's most expensive whiskeys. Distilled and barreled on Earth, they are then sent to Angeli, preferably in a depressurized compartment, to complete the aging process. Bottles of Angeli whiskey sold on Earth are stamped with a special 'round trip' label signifying its long journey. Aficionados claim that Angeli's light, temperature and air gives its whiskey a distinct and complex taste profile. Special facilities have been built just to store the barrels and best control their exposure to those elements. One such facility even needed to be soundproofed after neighbors complained of the loud music being blasted by the owners, who believed the vibrations helped optimize the whiskey's time in the barrel.[1]

Over the years, many historians have debated that we might not have been so eager to populate Angeli if we had known that the planet suffered from volatile bouts of tectonic activity. Geologists have been predicting a massive quake for decades now. As of yet, it hasn't come.

Regardless, Angeli has grown to one of the more populated planets in the UEE, generations upon generations of families living and growing here.[2]

Landing Zones


Angeli's city of Quinton features one of the most iconic skylines in the UEE.

Kevric City

Home to the Cortice Memorial as well as the Mōhio Museum which features the only remaining original Retaliator.[3]



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