Ice Planet in the Croshaw system
Vann: Croshaw III
ClassificationIce Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
SenatorRachel Lester
LocationUEE space
Croshaw system
└─ Orbiting Croshaw (star)
Landing Zones1

Vann is far from an ideal planet for Human habitation. Located on the outer edge of Croshaw's habitable zone, the planet is mostly frozen over and permanently cold. Yet since mining was restricted on Angeli, terraforming Vann became essential to create a source of commodities in the system.

Vann's night skies, known for its beautiful auroras, feature a stunning curtain of colors, the result of strong solar activity reacting with the planet's magnetosphere. Inspired by the phenomenon, a burgeoning artistic culture has made a name for itself on Vann. Many artists have set up studios in large, long-abandoned buildings. Some bought the real estate cheap, while others are simply squatting. The self-proclaimed "SpartVann" style features a minimalist aesthetic and prominent use of colors displayed in the aurora.[1]

Landing Zones

Jele City

As the Empire expanded, many residents left Vann for greener pastures. Jele City remains the planet's most populated city, though its most prosperous days are considered long past. All things considered, it still does brisk business as an affordable tourist destination for winter sport enthusiasts.


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