Cubby Blast T-shirt

Shirt manufactured by Escar Limited
Cubby Blast T-shirt
ManufacturerEscar Limited (ELD)
Production stateImplemented

Cubby Blast T-shirt is a shirt made by Escar Limited, and was obtained by Subscribers in December 2019. It is still available for purchase in the Subscriber Store in a pack with two other shirts.[1]

Product description

"Show your support for local and independently owned businesses with this Cubby Blast t-shirt. From its infectious holo-jingle promising "racks of rifles, stacks of shotguns, piles of pistols" to Clor Vee, the eccentric owner with a thick Cathcart accent, Cubby Blast remains one of Area18's most unique shops, and a refreshing change of pace from the corporate-owned chain stores that dominant the Empire."

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