Defend Site From Dangerous Threat

Mercenary mission from BlacJac Security
Defend Site From Dangerous Threat
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 90,000
Start Location ArcoCorp AO
Requirements CrimeStat: 0, BlackJac (Security) > 112500 (T5 / Lead Security Contractor))
Faction BlacJac Security


Spoiler content


ATTN: Verified Mercenary Operators

I’ve received a report that some operators are planning on making a move against <Mission Location>. BlacJac wants you to put a team together and defend the site from this dangerous threat.

It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to do this contract solo. Hiring a team of skilled mercenaries to provide support would be the smartest route.

Thanks, Gloria Mesa

Private Contract Supervisor BlacJac Security, "Protection Provided"




Outcome Affinity Change Confidence Change
Mission Success +1000 +250
Outcome #2 -500 -250
Outcome #3 0 0


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