Elio-Harman Aerospace

Defunct Human spacecraft manufacturer
Elio-Harman Aerospace
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture
HeadquartersEarth, Sol
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth, United Planets of Earth (formerly)
Founded2456 CE; 498 years ago (2456)
FateBroken up
Defunct2568 CE; 386 years ago (2568)

Elio-Harman Aerospace is a defunct Human spacecraft manufacturer founded in 2456, in the late era of United Planets of Earth. It was headquartered on Earth, Sol. Elio-Harman's most famous design was the Stiletto interceptor, one of the first frontline military spacecraft operated by the United Empire of Earth military. The company went bankrupt in 2568 and its assets were divided among multiple creditors.[1][2]


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