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Endeavor Supercollider Pod

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Endeavor Supercollider Pod.png
Endeavor Supercollider Pod
TypeVehicle add-on
Applies toEndeavor
Pledge costUS$125
Original pledge costUS$125
AvailabilityTime-limited sales

Endeavor Supercollider Pod is a vehicle add-on that includes the Supercollider Pod module of the Endeavor.[1]

Official description

"The most visually unique Endeavor module, the distinct circular supercollider is actually only one small piece of a more elaborate overclocking facility. This large module includes a pair of ‘white room’ workbench labs ideal for tweaking and overclocking starship components. Enthusiasts and professionals seeking to push their weapons, thrusters or other upgrades to the limit can do so with atomic precision thanks to the attached accelerator that allows for safe testing of new theoretical limits; raising the bar on component performance as high as possible.


  • Endeavor Supercollider (2x2)"


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