Ermer Family Farms

Human company in the food industry
Ermer Family Farms
ProductsIce cream, dairy products
HeadquartersNajita, Keene, Kilian system
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Founded2923 CE; 31 years ago (2923)

Ermer Family Farms is a family-run commercial dairy that manufactures dairy products such as milk and ice cream.[1]

Founded in 2923 on planet Keene, the dairy first rose to prominence at the Najita Dessert Fest 2931, where it debuted one of its most popular varieties, lunes ice cream. The company soon expanded their dairy to include an ice cream manufacturing facility and began to offer their ice creams across the United Empire of Earth. Lunes, chibanzoo, chocolate, and coffee are among Ermer Family Farms’ bestselling flavors.[2]


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