LMG manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
FS-9 - On crate with extra magazine.jpg
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Mass6 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.12.0
Damage typeBallistic
Effective range40 m
Fire rate800 rpm
Fire modeRapid
Caliber5 mm
Muzzle velocity550 m/s
MagazineFS-9 Magazine (120 cap)
OpticsEmpty (S2 max)
BarrelEmpty (S2)
UnderbarrelEmpty (S3 max)

The FS-9 LMG is a 5-mm light machine gun manufactured by Behring Applied Technology. With an effective range of 40 meters, the FS-9 is designed to be a dominant force on the battlefield. Behring's intention was to create a weapon that could provide overwhelming firepower. The full auto mode of the light machine gun is particularly useful for laying down covering fire or holding back advancing enemies. Additionally, the FS-9 is renowned for its ability to maintain accuracy while unleashing sustained fire, making it a highly effective weapon in combat situations.[1]


Damage drop 0.137 / m
Max range 1100 m
Type 0 m 25 m 50 m 100 m
Alpha 5.71 5.71 3.11 1.50
DPS 76.13 76.13 41.42 20

Buyable at


Image Name Description
FS-9 - Default - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
(Default) Dark Grey colouring

Special editions

(All available in-game unless stated otherwise)

Image Name Description !Price $
FS9 Evergreen - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
"Evergreen" Two tone green colouring with dark grey and silver accents.

Reward for taking part on day 7 of the Luminalia 2952 event. [2]

FS-9 Finish Line - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
"Finish Line" Yellow in colour with dark grey and white accents.

Made available to subscribers for January 2024. [3]
Only available to purchase on the subscribers store. [4]

FS9 Stoneface - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
"Stoneface" Two tone blue colouring with dark grey and red accents.

Reward to Centurion and Imperator subscribers for December 2022. [5]
Only available to purchase on the subscribers store. [6]




The FS-9 LMG is introduced in Alpha 3.12.0.[7]


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