Human company in the mining industry

FoveaInc is a mining company that is known for their short carbon operation in Lorona. It has contracts to act as the exclusive provider of short carbon for both Jahr FabriCorp and Vance Superindustrial.[1]


In 2943, FoveaInc operates a small facility that produces short carbon on the desolate surface of Lorona in the Banshee system. The facility is nestled away from the massive mining consortiums, and the company uses the isolation to require their employees to live in on-site housing and shop at company stores in an effort to recirculate their money. The factory's management team tried to increase their factory's output by banning the possession and consumption of alcohol. After multiple appeals by the employees to overturn management's decision failed, the employees stopped fighting. Management believed they had quelled their employees, but instead, the output of the factory began to diminish.

Because of the diminished output, the company prevented Jahr and Vance from creating the laminate that RSI and Anvil Aerospace use in the construction of their ships, which has prevented the dealerships from replenishing their inventory.[1]


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