Fuel Pump

Human company in the ship refueling and repair services industry
Fuel Pump logo.jpg
Fuel Pump
IndustryShip refueling and repair services
Founded2665 CE; 289 years ago (2665)

Fuel Pump is a franchise of stations offering refueling and repair services.[1] It was started in 2665 whose installations now dot the known universe. Often referred to as 'retro-themed,' Fuel Pump's 'good old days' vibe, perfectly capturing Croshaw culture in the 2690s, has been carefully cultivated with an eye towards keeping it a relevant part of Human culture rather than simply a disposable waystation. While the days of the free spit-shine have passed, standard Fuel Pump stations are still built around the concept of offering traditional full-service refueling/rearming options. Fuel Pump prides themselves on offering a higher class of technician, with individual stations typically having at least one professionally trained repair crew leader on site at all times.[2]


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