Fugitive Recovery Certification

Bounty Hunter mission from Bounty Hunters Guild
Fugitive Recovery Certification
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Buy In 500
Start Location Stanton AO
Faction Bounty Hunters Guild

The Fugitive Recovery Certification is a PVP Bounty Hunting permit offered by the Bounty Hunters Guild. Completing this certification mission opens up bounty missions for players who have escaped prison and are on the run.


Spoiler content

"Due to an increase in escapees in the area, the Bounty Hunters Guild would like to offer you the chance to earn your Fugitive Recovery Certification.

This would signify that you are qualified to track down and apprehend escaped convicts. These desperate individuals can often prove quite difficult to recapture, requiring special skills and heightened intuition.

To successfully complete this certification process, you must apprehend the fugitive (Target Name)."


  • Fugitive Recovery Certification
Spoiler content

"You are hereby certified by the Bounty Hunters Guild for Fugitive Recovery and are qualified to pursue and apprehend escaped convicts."

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