Gavin Arlington

Character in Star Citizen
Gavin Airlington
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2930 (before)
Role CEO of Shubin Interstellar
Faction UEE
Current Employment
Occupation CEO, Author
Employer Shubin Interstellar
Job Title CEO

Gavin Arlington (born on Earth, poss. India) is the current CEO of Shubin Interstellar.[1][2]


Arlington worked in his early career as a runner and trader at the Mumbai Commodity Exchange. He wrote a audiobiography called "Collecting Dust" in 2941 and developed a business "philosophy", which is called "Evolutionary Management".

He probably succeeded Martha Shubin as chief executive officer of Shubin. Under his aegis Shubin moved to Stanton. He initiated also "technical overhauls of the mining fleet, their historical conservation program, employee health massive charitable contributions and a strong dedication to hiring military veterans". On the other hand, Arlington was criticized that Shubin struck the status of many of his regular employees to contractors, which are excluded from the benefits and rights that regular employees receive.


  • The Mumbai Commodity Exchange is a reference to the real 21st Century Mumbai, which is home of India's National Commodity Exchange and the financial centre of India.


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