Terrestrial Rocky in the Gliese system
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Gliese Nogo.png
Nogo : Gliese IV
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
AffiliationBanu Protectorate
LocationBanu space
Gliese system
└─ Orbiting Gliese (star)
Artificial Satellites1

When Humans first arrived in Gliese, they were shocked to discover a fully terraformed utopia that had zero Banu residing on it. With lush forests and grassy hills, Gliese IV seems ripe for settlement, and at one point the Banu themselves must have thought so too. Much of the surface of the planet features the decaying ruins of ancient settlements long abandoned. When asked why the planet is left untouched, most Banu simply reply that they aren't supposed to go there. This common refrain has earned the planet the nickname 'Nogo' amongst Humans visiting the system. With the Banu's unique view of history, to them it is not important why the world must be left untouched, but rather simply that it should be.

After scientific analysis revealed no obvious reasons why the world would be dangerous, several Human colonies decided to stake claims on the world and (thus far) are finding great success making a life for themselves. They even have brisk trade with the nearby Lyris Flotilla, whose inhabitants have rapacious appetites for fresh produce grown on the planet. Several notable Human xeno-archeologists have dedicated themselves to exploring the Banu ruins on the world to discover the truth of what forced the Banu to give up the planet.

Not everything is as completely idyllic on Nogo as images of the beautiful landscape would have you believe. Several outlaw groups have established themselves here, taking advantage of the lack of a formal government and military to prosper, especially since Banu mercenaries will not enter the atmosphere. However, new information has come to light that may be giving those using Gliese IV as a hideout second thoughts. A recent declassification under the Historical Truth Act has revealed that the UEE utilized a secret program called Project Eclipse to target a particularly dangerous insurgent group living on the world with elite stealth bombers.

"Ever wonder what an uninhabited planet looks like? Traverse the unkempt wilds of Gliese IV, perfectly habitable to Humans and Banu, but completely unoccupied."
UEE Diplomatic Corps: A Guide to Visiting the Banu Protectorate [1]


Lyris Flotilla

The heart of commerce in the system, Lyris Flotilla is composed of a semi-permanent mooring of various stations and large vessels that form a massive trade hub.


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