Lyris Flotilla

Flotilla orbits Nogo in the Gliese system
Lyris Flotilla
LocationGliese system    Orbits Nogo
TypeSpace station

The Lyris or Gliese Flotilla is a mobile cluster of stations and ships, organized by Banu traders.

"A collection of stations and permanently docked ships believed to have been established after the Banu abandoned Gliese IV. It has become the main hub of business and trade in Gliese, servicing the many miners, haulers, and travelers who move through the system."
Starmap description [1]

The heart of commerce in the system, Lyris Flotilla is composed of a semi-permanent mooring of various stations and large vessels that form a massive trade hub. Almost all ore and other resources collected in the system pass through Lyris on their way to dozens of other systems. With so many visitors stopping at the flotilla every day, there is an incredible mélange of food, shopping and entertainment to be found throughout its various wings and halls. By dating some of the oldest structure which are part of the flotilla, it is theorized that the first ships gathered here when Gliese IV was first vacated, eventually forming into the structure that exists today.

"If you ever wonder where all the losing shirts for the Sataball Championship wind up, then you, my friend, have never been to Lyris. It's like Banu there all live in some amazing alternate universe where the Jumpers won in '39."
Tobias Dapur, Dapur Tells Da Truth Comedy Special, 2942

Travel Warning

Many stalls in the Lyris market will offer visitors a drink from their slomaddon, a large ornate brewing vessel, as part of the traditional deal-making process. It is recommended that pilots who have sampled slomaddon wait a few hours before flying, as some of the ingredients can have a delayed intoxicating effect on Humans that may not be apparent at first.

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