Super-Earth in the Oberon system
Gonn Oberon I.png
Gonn : Oberon I
LocationUnclaimed space
Oberon system
└─ Orbiting Oberon (star)

According to legend, the planet received its name from one of the original settlers who had staked a mining claim - a former Cathcart hauler, who used to chase away rival ships by yelling "Chinewa bedda get Gonn!" A super-Earth carbon planet, Oberon I is the remnants of the system's former binary brown star.[1] Rich in untapped resources, very few miners are up to the challenge that the extreme environmental and economic conditions pose. The minimal upkeep that the few automated refineries dotting the surface require is too steep a price for most. Even the hardy and rugged mining community that lives here struggles to turn a profit. Many who do find the courage to try their hand come seeking the vast wealth of diamonds that is rumored to exist in the planet's dense carbon core, despite that the fact that so far only a few sparse diamond veins have ever been found.[2]


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