Guide:Binding Request-Landing

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Guide to binding the new "Request Landing" feature from the 3.17.0 patch

Step 1

Start by opening your options menu. You can do this by pressing ESC on your keyboard and pressing "Options" on the new menu that opened.

Step 2

We need to navigate to the new keybind. In the options menu there are 6 buttons on the top row, choose the "Keybindings" button. Press "ADVANCED CONTROLS CUSTOMIZATION" on the bottom left corner. Scroll downwards until you see "Flight Movement", press on it so it folded out.

Step 3

To set the keybind, scroll to the bottom of "Flight Movement". You should see "Request Landing" or something similar. Now it's your time to choose what button you are going to use.

Tip: You can set the keybind to N (Double Tap), it'll make it easier to access without having to hold ALT.

  • Deploy Landing Legs/Gears
  • Auto-Land
  • Request Landing

Screenshot of Request Landing in options

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