Guide:GrimHEX Elevator Bug

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Players spawning at GrimHEX as of Alpha 3.12 may find themselves encountering a bug with the elevators, seemingly preventing any means of leaving the location.

However, this bug can be dealt with in several different ways.

Workaround 1: Server

As the elevator bug affects servers, logging out and back in with the aim of connecting to another server can be a fast workaround with no complex instructions to follow. However of course there is every chance the next server you join is also suffering from the elevator bug.

Workaround 2: EVA

There is another route you can take to reach the ASOP Terminals and spawn a ship. Players familiar with GrimHEX likely know this route already, so it might be a good idea to try and recruit someone nearby to help you.

Head through the bar situated right next to the elevators and keep going until you reach an airlock. Make sure you're wearing a spacesuit and helmet then cycle the airlock. Once on the other side, you will find yourself in EVA in a depressurized part of the station. To navigate through this area, simply descend down the shaft and follow the hallway at the bottom. Doorways on either side at the end of the hallway both lead to space.

Once in space, keep yourself oriented the correct way up with the station's artificial gravity, and proceed to fly "upwards". You'll find yourself emerging above GrimHEX's legacy landing pads (superceded by the hangars). This is however still a perfectly viable place to enter the station. Just make sure you approach a pad from the side, not above so you don't break your legs with the landing. Follow the paths to reach an airlock letting you back in on the top floor.

Workaround 3: Cargo

The barrier preventing entry into the elevator is only slightly taller than the player's jump height. As such it is possible to get a boost from jumping off a cargo crate. There are two easy ways of procuring one on-site.

  • Accept a delivery mission with collection from GrimHEX.
  • Purchase a bottle of water from the ship component shop, press I to open the Personal Inventory, right click the bottle of water and select "add to crate".
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