Guide:Troubleshooting Baseline Graphics Fix

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Star Citizen can occasionally be brought to a point where the game no longer functions because of bad graphics settings. At that point a player may need to reduce their resolution because their computer is lagging too much or because they can no longer see their options button on the menu.

This has two major problem components:

  1. Computer is lagging and consistently only producing 1 fps anywhere. (And user is running above 1080p)
  2. Game window is too large and either not visible or not entirely visible. (Includes game not starting because gpu keeps crashing and the weird menu button interaction glitch)

These problems can be solved by doing either of the following.

  1. Create User.cfg
  2. Deleting the User folder

Create the User.cfg

  1. Open notepad as administrator.
  2. Type in the below contents

3. File -> save as

4. Change from txt file to all files

5. Navigate to your user folder. It will be in your install directory and be labeled LIVE, PTU, or EPTU

6. Inside that folder, name the file User.cfg (with a capital U)

7. Save, you can now restart your launcher and launch your game. It should have the new resolution.

These steps work if the resolution is wrong as a first step to trying to fix issues.

Delete your User Folder

Your user folder is by default located here:

C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE or PTU

It rests inside your install folder. You can safely delete it without damaging your game, but you will lose all of your keybinds and flight curves by deleting this folder. It will also force your game to grab a new resolution matching your current display on first start.


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