Yethlūl S.yen'o

Terrestrial Rocky in the Yā'mon system
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Yethlūl S.yen'o
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationYā'mon III (Ark Starmap)

Yethlūl S.yen'o (Yā'mon III) ( Xi'an; Xi'an: 9yethluul 2#o (Proper); literally Violet Knowledge, the Second; ), formerly called Hadur III by the UEE, is a terrestrial planet being terraformed by Xi'an.[1] Both Yethlūl Y.ath'o and S.yen'o are currently undergoing terraforming through a joint effort by the Xi'an government and ArcCorp. While there is still some time before the planets will be habitable, there has been significant progress and just recently, the burgeoning atmosphere of Yā'mon III was flooded by a violet hued gas giving it a memorable appearance. The project has been deemed by those in the terraforming industry as an extremely complicated venture, and many financial analysts surmise that this close relationship with the Xi'an will give ArcCorp an advantage in the field for years to come.

Like other former Perry Line systems, an interesting blend of cultures has begun to develop on the stations in planetary orbit, where Human and Xi'an have started heavily interacting. Many race enthusiasts are expected to make the journey out to the main ArcCorp station above Yā'mon II to watch the upcoming Koa e Ko'ia as the pilots will be flying a difficult course that includes the tumultuous still-forming atmosphere.[2]


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