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Head clothing

A hat is a clothing item that can be worn to the head of a character.

Page Image SubtypeMinimum temperature resistanceMaximum temperature resistanceManufacturerOccupancyIs item base variant
2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo Hat - In-game SCT logo.jpg2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false
Aegis Dynamics Hat - In-game SCT logo.jpgAegis Dynamics HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false
Clothing Hat CBA AjaxSecurityUniformHat Front.pngAjax Security Uniform HatHat3 °C33 °CCode Blue Apparel3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />true
Anvil Aerospace Hat - In-game SCT logo.jpgAnvil Aerospace HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false
Argo Astronautics Hat - In-game SCT logo.jpgArgo Astronautics HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngBC-Grey HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />true
Placeholderv2.pngBadami Helmet DeadwoodMedium armor-63 °C93 °CCaldera17 KµSCU0.017 SCU <br />17,000 µSCU <br />true
Clothing-Hat-BraceMask-front.pngBrace MaskHat-30 °C15 °CVaporwear3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />true
Burgundy Paisley Bandana - In-game SCT logo.jpgBurgundy Paisley BandanaBandana3 °C33 °CAlejo Brothers3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />true
Placeholderv2.pngCargo HatHat3 °C33 °CCBD3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false
Placeholderv2.pngCol Head Cover BrownHead Cover-30 °C15 °CCode Blue Apparel3.2 KµSCU0.0032 SCU <br />3,200 µSCU <br />false