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Clothing Manufacturer Type Gender UEC Cost
55-GR Escar Limited Pants Male 345
78 Pants Escar Limited Pants Male 155
88 Pants Escar Limited Pants Male 163
99 Pants Escar Limited Pants Male 310
Aeon Club T-Shirt Unknown Manufacturer Shirt Unisex
Ardent NorthStar Footwear Male 245
Astley Denim Manufacturing Company Pants Male 890-950
Bandanna Alejo Brothers Hat Male 195
Basher CBD T-shirt Male 320
Bello City Lights T-shirt Male 300-330
CS-L Escar Limited Pants Male 335
Castillo Spar Van Miles Jacket Male 1850
Clempt Stegman's Pants Male 510
Cordimon Voyager Edition Stegman's Jacket Male
Couloir Hawksworth's Footwear Male 810-850
Crestfall Upsiders Footwear Male 280
Curser CBD T-shirt Male 340
Daredevil CBD Jacket Male 2055
Davin Work Gloves Stegman's Gloves Male 175
De Leon Hawksworth's Footwear Male 420
Devereaux OpalSky Pants Male 1400
EQ Escar Limited Pants Male 310
Edgeriders Upsiders Footwear Male 280
Edgewear Stegman's Pants Male 375
Epoch Society T-Shirt Unknown Manufacturer Shirt Unisex
Face Melter CBD T-shirt Male 310
Guri City Lights Pants Male 145 - 290
Hardline Stegman's Hat Male 320 - 335
Hi&Tight NorthStar Footwear Male 310
IndVest Pathfinder Edition Stegman's Jacket Male
IronBand Stegman's Hat Male 320
Jacopo Monocle Derion Eyewear Male
Jacopo Top Hat Derion Hat Male
K7 Denim Manufacturing Company Pants Male 475
Ketchum Alejo Brothers Hat Male 215
Landlite Grindstone Footwear Male 235
Lanxi City Lights Jacket Male 1010
Li-Tok NorthStar Footwear Male 195
Liar CBD T-shirt Male 310
Loudmouth CBD T-shirt Male 300
MC-DFA CBD Hat Male 240 - 480
MC-FOD CBD Hat Male 240 - 480
MC-Pinhead CBD Hat Male 490
MC CBD Hat Male 480
Manaslu Evalight Jacket Male 1850
Mivaldi OpalSky Pants Male 650
Perth (clothing) City Lights Pants Male 140
Ponos R6 Pro Footwear Male 215
Protean R6 Pro Footwear Male 560
Rabat City Lights Hat Male 100 - 200
Rabum Hawksworth's Hat Male 320
Razorback Denim Manufacturing Company Pants Male 450
Ready-Up Gyson Inc. Hat Male 135
Rhodes City Lights Jacket Male 1025-1150
RipTops NorthStar Footwear Male 155 - 310
Selby Denim Manufacturing Company Jacket Male 1850-2050
Slacker CBD T-shirt Male 300
Sturgis City Lights Jacket Male 1000-1150
Thrasher CBD T-shirt Male 300
Tona R6 Pro Footwear Male 210
Toughlife Grindstone Footwear Male 245
Tuvois OpalSky Jacket Male 1740
UEEx CBD T-shirt Male 320
Ventra Unknown Manufacturer Gloves Male 300
Waylite NorthStar Footwear Male 1400


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