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This Example Comm-Link article is to designed to help with adding new company lore articles to the wiki. Just follow the instructions below.

Usage Instructions

Create a new article, switch to the Source tab in the article editor, and then Copy and paste the following. Update each line, as appropriate.

|description=Star Citizen - Comm-Link Archive - Description, 160 Char limit. (Can take longer, but only 160 chars will be displayed on google search results.)
{{TNT|Infobox Company
|Name = Company Name
|Image = Company-Name.jpg
|Headquarters = 
|Type = 
|Founded = 
|Founder =
|CEO = 
|Demographic = 

Description, which may initially be from Galactic Guide or Portfolio Comm-Link but is not limited to it. Regular namespace articles are updated as new information comes in.

Please note that as a regular namespace article (unlike Comm-Links), cannot be its own source. Please do cite sources.

Please do add wiki links to first appearance important names & terms.

End by copy/pasting:

== References ==
<references />

{{Company Navplate|Company Name}}

Edit "Company Name" above and substitute the appropriate company name as used for title.


Naming Conventions

  • Company article should named by full name of the company, dropping incorporation components like LLC, GmBH, etc. (Not just Aegis, but Aegis Dynamics)
  • Convert any ":" in the rest of the name to " -"
  • Remove other special characters "][{}"

Featured Image

We need a featured image for our Company Infobox. We'll need to track down a suitable image.

As an example, Apocalypse Arms Comm-Link's featured image has the url of:

That can be uploaded with a name suitable to the company.


The following may be useful for manipulating images on the the RSI Website:

Comm-Link featured images are often cropped for effect, and may not be the most suitable for showing the full logo. What we may need to do is take the "post_section_header" and change it to "post" (for smaller, approx 500 pixel wide) or "source" (highest resolution) and pull the result from the RSI website:

That can be uploaded with a name as noted above: "'Comm-Link-' + short indicator of comm-link name + file type"