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Help page

This guide is intended to assist with setting up a page for a player-run Organization on the Star Citizen Wiki. It will provide a template to be filled out and some guidelines for the information that may be presented on the page.

The referenced template for an Organization page can be found here: Help:OrgPages/Template


  1. First, you must be verified as an Organization Editor. Please join us in Discord for discussions, help, and to get your account verified.
  2. To create your Organization page, simply search for your organization in the Search Bar with the prefix: "ORG". (EX: "ORG:Xplor" ). Then, you may click on the red link following "Create the Page..."
  3. Switch to "Source Editing" by clicking the Pencil icon in the top-right
  4. Copy this code onto your page: {{SUBST:OrgPage}}. Save the page
  5. Fill in the relevant organization info, such as Founder, organization focus, and a link to your website.
  6. Preview this new information by clicking the Preview button. Make sure everything looks as you expect.
  7. Save the page by clicking the Save button. Have another look through to check for errors and spelling mistakes. Feel free to make multiple edits to the same page to save your progress.


There are some standards for Organization pages that must be adhered to on the Wiki. Primarily, use your common sense and avoid offensive content.

  1. Do not use any vulgarity or offensive words on the organization page
  2. Do not use the page as a platform for political or ideological statements
  3. Avoid insulting or attacking other organizations using the page
  4. Feel free to add, remove, or change any information from the template to serve your purposes; including uploading new images.
  5. Please use a short Introduction at the start of your organization page; before you use any headings. This allows the Wiki to optimize the page for searches and allow us to generate a tiny preview of the page when it is linked within the wiki.
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