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Translation Administration is currently limited to editors only. Please contact the editors on Discord if you want to request a page to be translatable.

Preparing Pages

Before anything translating can happen the page first needs to be prepared for translating. At the moment this is done by editors or administrators.


Enter the (default language) name of the page to be translated. Click Prepare. Review and unless something is REALLY wrong, hit save.

The results will give you an option to edit the page, this is where you can really take a look at the results and fix problems.


Please review the page thoroughly before marking the page for translation. Here are a few key points to go over:

  • Exclude all the templates from the <translate> tags.
  • For all the translatable templates, make sure that you add {{TLT}} to the templates (or {{TNT}} for the infoboxes).
  • Check other pages to see if the {{i18n}} templates can be used to replace headers.
  • Open page in preview mode and make sure that the page has the same format as before translation.

Mark for Translation

Once this page has been saved you'll see a "Mark this page for translation" link under the title. Click that to pass the page on to the translation teams. Review translation blocks. Hit the button on the bottom.

Updating Page

Once a page has been translated, the original page can still be edited. There will not be a refresh in the translation blocks until administrative action is taken. This action works a lot like the Mark for Translation step above. It basically reruns that marking process and updates the appropriate translation blocks.

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