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IncrediFun Adventures

Tourism and recreation company
IncrediFun Adventures
IndustryTourism & Recreation
ProductsHoliday packages
HeadquartersNew Babbage, microTech, Stanton
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth

IncrediFun Adventures is a company in the tourism and recreation sector. It provides holiday packages.



There is a mission hidden in the game files that hints at possible missions with rewards.

"The team at Incredifun Adventures is excited to announce their all new interactive scavenger hunt challenge! Using a series of clues sent directly to your journal, follow along on an adventure to some of Crusader's moons most notable and historical locations! Finish the challenge before time runs out and you'll be awarded an exclusive prize. Solve all ten scavenger hunt clues and visit the appropriate Crusader Historical Society markers before time runs out."


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