Inmate Maintenance Opportunity

Maintenance mission from Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities
Inmate Maintenance Opportunity
Priority General
Type Maintenance
Start Location Prison
Faction Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities

The mission Inmate Maintenance Opportunity is available intermittently to players serving prison sentences at the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen. It grants 5000 - 15000 Merits which can be used to purchase items from the Commissary and to reduce your sentence.

The mission requires you to re-activate one of the Oxygen Dispensers deep in the mining tunnels. Be aware that the area is not an Armistice Zone, so hand-to-hand combat in PVP may ensue.


Spoiler content

"Hello Guests,

We have recently been alerted that one of our Oxygen Dispensers has suffered a technical error. As you know these kiosks are vital to ensure that you have plenty of oxygen handy while participating in our Work Release Program.

We are looking for any available guest to reset the kiosk. That should reconnect the kiosk to the network and resolve the issue. The first guest who's able to complete this task will not only be compensated with merits, but also with the satisfaction that they're making the workplace safer for other guests.

Thank you."


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